* Half Day Fishing Charter (6 hours fishing time)  1-2 Anglers                                        $400.00           


      * Full Day Fishing Charter (8 hours fishing time)     1-2 Anglers                                      $500.00         


      * Third Angler, please add an additional                                                                              $75.00         

      * We can also help you to plan for Multiple Angler Parties of up to 10 Anglers.                                               We work closely with several of Rhode Islands top Guides and can make arrangements      

        for multiple Captains/Boats.                                                          **Please Inquire for Rates                                                                             

      * Hotel Pickup service can be arranged for all of our traveling Anglers.                                                                                                                                               **Please inquire for more information                                                                                                                

      * On The Water Instruction - Capt. Bill can help you with "On The Water" fishing tips and      

        techniques to help you improve your angling skills, aboard your boat.           $75.00 per hour        

      * Fly Casting lessons - Learn how to cast a Fly or simply improve on your Double Haul,

        Water Haul, Side Arm, Roll Pick Up or Steeple Cast etc.                                    $40.00 per hour​          

      * Fishing with The Captain Charter - This option is for a single angler who would like to

        improve their fishing skills by fishing along with me, think of it as an instructional

        charter for one. It can also be used as an option for a Charter party who may be

        considering cancellation due to illness or a change in schedule. This would allow one

        of those anglers to still go on the charter at a reduced rate without forfeiting their deposit.                                                                                                                                           Half Day (5 hrs) $300.00                                                                                                                                        Full Day (7 hrs) $400.00

             What to bring:


               * Please wear only Non Marking foot wear such as: white soled shoes, boat shoes,

             Croc's or tennis shoes.

           * Sunglasses (polarized is highly recommended), a Hat, Sunscreen, any medications                                  that you may require and a foul weather jacket. Dress warm, even in July/August as it                              can suddenly get cold and damp on the water. 

           * Bring your favorite rod and reel if you'd like. (subject to inspection)

           * Bring whatever food and drinks you would like. There will also be light snacks and

             water/soft drinks on board.  

           * Bring the good MoJo!!



        *** All Charters Reservations require a $100.00 deposit to secure your Charter date.

           * All cancellations or requests to reschedule your Charter must be done no later than                                   5 Days before your scheduled Charter date. Alternate Charter dates can be chosen

              or your deposit can be refunded.

           * All cancellations inside the 5 Day period are subject to forfeiting the deposit                                               at the Captains discretion.

           * The Captain reserves the right to cancel any Charter due to weather and/or safety reasons.                      An alternate Charter date or deposit refund will be offered in such an event.

           * Any client deemed intoxicated will be refused boarding or returned to shore and will be

             held responsible for the full Charter rate.